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Teen Dresses Up Like A Doctor And Fools Entire Hospital For A Month



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A Florida teenager put on a disguise and fooled a hospital into thinking he was a doctor for an entire month.

According to the Smoking Gun, the 17-year-old was busted after a patient told staff members at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, FL, that a black male “who appeared to be a child” was found inside an examination room wearing a lab coat and stethoscope.

Embroidered on the coat was the St. Mary’s logo along with “anesthesiology.”

Hospital workers and security guards told police that they had seen the boy, who sometimes wore a surgical mask, entering several restricted areas.

He had been spotted inside the hospital’s outpatient facility as well as a room where a doctor was examining a patient.

One guard said the boy had spent a month in the hospital, where he was widely recognized as a doctor.

It’s not clear how he roamed around the building without being questioned for so long, but one doctor told police that he one day found a note on his desk from the boy asking to “shadow” him.

That doctor, however, denied ever seeing the boy inside the hospital.

The teen introduced himself as a doctor when approached by police officers on Tuesday before being taken into custody as he tried to leave the building.

Police later contacted his mother, who told them that her son is supposed to be under the care of a doctor.

She also noted that he hasn’t been taking his medication as of late.

The hospital has chosen not to press charges, claiming that the boy had never entered secured environments or interacted with patients.

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